From high heat waves to freezing winters, any extreme weather conditions can affect your car’s tyre. Thus, taking proper care of your tyres during every season is essential. You might have difficult driving conditions in case the tyre is not functioning correctly. Whenever you take the car for servicing in Colchester, you’ll find mechanics suggesting different tyres for different seasons. They are good, effective and keep your car in a proper functioning condition.

Apart from installing the season-specific tyres, you must also take proper care of your tyres if the car runs regularly. Here’s how weather can affect the efficiency of your tyre.

How Does The Weather Cause Damage to Your Car’s Tyres?

1. Hot weather conditions

Excessive heat can cause the tyres to inflate. After all, tyres are made of rubber; hence excessively high temperatures can mess with the elasticity of the rubber. Although the best quality, heat-resistant rubbers are used to produce tyres, every rubber has its own set of characteristics. Under extreme heat pressure, if you take your car continuously out on the road, the rubber around the tyre gets loose. Thus, during the scorching summers, get your tyre pressure checked every week to ensure that the temperature has not affected the same. 

2. Cold weather conditions

Driving through frost and ice can be dangerous. If your tyres don’t have the required grip, then you can end up with dangerous accidents. You might also lose control of your steering and brake during emergencies. Like summers, the extreme cold conditions during the winters are also not ideal for the rubbers used in the tyres. You can easily swap your summer tyres with winter tyres. They have more flexibility and can be easily used on slippery roads as well. 

3. Wet weather conditions

Driving during wet weather is also risky. Especially if you live in an area where prolonged rainfall occurs, roads might get water clogged or slippery. Thus, maintaining tyres is essential in such cases. If your tyres are not in good condition, then again, you’ll lose grip of the car. Take your car for servicing in Colchester before the monsoon arrives. They’ll check the tyre pressure, the brakes and the fluid and change them if required. This will help you to drive even under such harsh weather conditions safely.

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