Though you don’t have to worry about the performance of tyres if you have recently bought a tractor or replaced the existing one, issues might crop up over time. It is why tyre servicing is more important than you think. There are various reasons why tractor tyres can start wearing. Negligence to service or replace the tyres at the right time can compromise your safety on the road.

There are even a few situations when your vehicle tyres start wearing quicker than you expect. If you have been using the same tyre for years, this is the right time to visit a reputable company supplying and servicing tractor tyres. Their experts will assess the condition of the tyres and let you know the exact cause of the wear. They might even suggest a few tips which will help you avoid the same problem you had with the existing set of tyres.

3 Reasons Why Tractor Tyres Need Servicing

1. The Vehicle’s Mechanical Condition

You should check the wheel alignment, front differential and clearance in the steering ball joints if you notice wear on only one side of the tyre or more wear on the front tyres. There might be a camber problem if the wheels are misaligned or not properly aligned with the vertical. Once the tyres wear out completely, some tractor owners swap them to improve their service life. It is always advisable to replace the tyres as they pose a risk.

2. Incorrect Tyre Pressure

One of the primary things you should consider during tractor tyre servicing in Colchester is tyre pressure. Under-inflated tyres will bounce off the ground and suffer abnormal wear to the lugs and shoulder. Instead of getting absorbed, the farmer can feel the strength of the vibration. The rubber component in the tyre will separate from the metal elements, rayon and nylon, if the pressure is too low and the material heats up.

3. How The Vehicle Is Used

If you drive the tractor frequently on the roads with big loads, you will notice wear on the central lugs, but the tyres might be smooth. A rough road surface can accelerate tyre wear. High driving speeds are pretty harsh on the soft soil. If you notice tyre wear frequently, two points you should consider is the split between fields and roads and the distance travelled with the vehicle.

Since you now know the common reasons why tractor tyres need servicing and replacement, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at Eastern Tyres.