Though every car owner tries their level best to keep their car tyres in good condition, you have to replace them every few years. Though you don’t have to worry about the condition of tyres if you have recently bought the car, issues will crop up over time.

Some car owners prefer not to replace their tyres even with visible signs of damage because they think that the service is too expensive. It is a common myth you should debunk. If you want to make a smart choice and save a few pounds while getting the old tyres replaced, make sure you choose a suitable garage for tyre fitting and repair services.

Some Tips To Save Money When Fitting New Tyres in Clacton

1. Make Sure You Need New Tyres

Though there are numerous benefits of replacing your old tyres, fitting new ones can be a bit expensive, so make sure you really need them. Even if your mechanics advise replacing the old tyres, do so only if there is visible signs of damage like bulges, cracking, wear and discolouration. Conduct a visual check and if the issues are prominent, replace them and ensure your safety.

2. Replace The Wheels With The Tyres

The best time to replace the wheels is when you are replacing the tyres. Your safety might get compromised if you fail to replace the worn and damaged tyres at the right time. Your mechanic can help you find identical wheels. Buying oversized wheels will not only waste your money but also impact your car’s handling and lead to long-term damages.

3. Know What Caused The Damage

Though you can choose from numerous garages for replacing or repairing tyres in Clacton, knowing the reason behind those tyres problems will make the new ones last longer. Unevenly worn tyres indicate that there is some issue with your car. Repairing tyres in a car with suspension or alignment issue is not advisable as you might have to replace them soon.

4. Check The Spare Tyre

The spare tyre acts like a life jacket if the condition of your old tyres deteriorates in the middle of the street. The best time to inspect them is when you visit a garage for tyre fitting or repair services. A well-maintained spare tyre will save you during challenging roadside situations.

Follow the tips stated above to save money when fitting new tyres in Clacton and choose Eastern Tyres for tyre replacement.