Car tyres play a vital role in determining the safety of the vehicle and its riders. Car tyres have a certain lifespan, and you should not run them longer than that. Tyres that exceed their manufacture recommended lifespan can cause hazards for your vehicle and you. In the UK, every year, a huge amount of car accidents happen due to faulty tyres.

In the case of rough roads, tyre pressure might be essential. A small leak can affect the pressure of the tyre. This is a straightforward method. Even if you don’t have the time to take the car to the professional, you can quickly check it yourself.

How to Check Tyre Pressure?

If you keep a tyre pressure gauge with you, you can check the pressure for yourself. You can easily buy these online from the supermarket, and you can ask any mechanic to show you the working process. You can take the tyre to the nearest fuel station, where you can check the tyre pressure quickly. Personal tyre pressure gauges are generally in different shapes and sizes. You can easily use the same depending on the type of tyre that you have in your car.

The steps are easy.

  • You will need to unscrew the dust cap from the wheel of the car.
  • Then press the tyre pressure gauge firmly and check the value on the tools.
  • You can check the reading of the pressure accordingly.

The recommended tyre pressures will be mentioned in the car’s manual. If the tyre pressure is fully loaded in such a case, you can quickly check the car tyre out for a long ride. However, if the pressure is low, then take it to the nearest fuel station for refuel.

Once a week, it is advisable to get your tyre pressure checked. If you use the car regularly and for a prolonged period, a check-up is necessary once a week. For other vehicles, which are rarely used, once a month pressure check is a feasible option.

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