Many car owners think that all tyre brands are the same. They usually do not research the brand and quality of the tyre before buying. This can act as a terrible concoction that can harm the efficiency and performance of the car.

Tyre Mixing Affects Car Performance:

When you visit a car servicing centre, they will thoroughly inspect all car parts. This includes the tyres as well. Even if one tyre has a problem, they may suggest you change all of them. This is because applying four tyres of the same brand simultaneously offers more stability to the car’s performance.

Reasons to Avoid Mixing Your Car Tyres:

In this blog, you can find the negative effects of mixing tyres. To get an expert’s take, you should visit a professional in tyre servicing in Clacton.

  • Inconsistent Tread Depth: Tread depth is an important factor determining tyres’ performances. All cars are expected to follow a legally approved tread depth. If you use tyres of different brands on a single axle, you may observe some problems. The tyres will wear out fast and will not be able to disperse water during the monsoon.
  • Unequal tyre size: When you mix brands, there is always a risk of landing up with unequal-sized tyres. It can be dangerous as the balance of the car gets affected. One tyre may be wider than the other, so your car’s grip will also be unequal. In the long run, you may have to pay more for fixing the wheel bearings and clutch.
  • Different Brands, Different Performance: Many brands manufacture tyres. Each brand has a unique manufacturing technique and research procedure. As a result, the quality of tyres varies between the brands. So when you mix them, you will witness an inconsistent performance. Though tyre mixing is not illegal, it is prohibited by most manufacturers.
  • Mixing Two Types of Tyres is Dangerous: Basically, there are two types of tyres found in a car. One is known as radial, while the other one is cross-ply. These have different designs, which means that their performance is also variable. When you mix them on the same axle, your car performance will gradually deteriorate.

To experience a safe and smooth drive, you should not mix your car’s tyres. Visit a professional like Eastern Tyres if you need tyre services in Clacton.

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