If you are a car owner, you might know the importance of its external and internal components. For a smooth drive, it is important to establish a balance between the two. So, apart from taking good care of your car engine, you should pay enough attention to the tyre health too.

Car Performance Linked with Tyre Servicing

The tyres of a car remain in constant touch with the surface. They help you to move from one location to another, no matter the condition of the surface. For this reason, there is a greater chance of the tyres being affected by the external or natural agents. With time, the tyres would get aged, impacting the overall car performance significantly.

How to Prevent Your Car Tyres from Ageing?

If you wish to prevent your car tyres from ageing prematurely, you need to follow a simple maintenance routine. If the problems persist, you may need to visit a tyre servicing centre. In the following section, we give you ideas about a few maintenance tips to delay your tyre from ageing.


  • Maintain Correct Air Pressure: Both over and under-inflation of tyres is harmful for your vehicle. It is better to follow the air pressure for tyres specified by the manufacturer. Under-inflation wears your tyre quicker and affects acceleration and braking. Over-inflation, on the other hand, increases the chance of a tyre burst. Therefore, it is important to maintain an optimum air pressure to use your tyre smoothly for a longer time.


  • Drive Your Vehicle Carefully: Do you have a tendency of applying the brakes suddenly while driving at a considerable speed? This can affect the health of your car tyres significantly. However, in certain situations, like an accident, you cannot refrain from applying the brakes harder. Sudden brake application generates higher friction, thereby causing the tyre to wear down. For even tread wear in your car tyre, you should apply the brake carefully.


  • Rotate the Tyres Regularly: This is a vital requirement to keep your car tyre in the perfect condition. A car possesses two axles where the tyres are aligned. The tyres on the free axle face less wear and tear than those on the live axle. This mechanism happens due to the friction generation mechanism during a drive. Rotating the tyres in regular intervals can keep them in their best state. You must also put your spare wheel to work to ensure even tread wear on all five tyres.


  • Use Original Wheels and Tyres: To give your tyres a higher aesthetic appeal, you might compel changing the rims and tyres of the car. However, while changing them, ensure that you buy OEM-spec equipment. This ensures that you are using only the original products that would not do any harm to the tyres.


These are a few things of tyre maintenance and care that you need to remember. Following them would enable you to use the cars for a longer period without worries of damage. For better assistance in tyre servicing, you can contact a reliable name like Eastern Tyres. We are a brand having experience in automobile maintenance for more than 25 years. For servicing queries and other questions, you can contact us or visit our website.