Car tyres are one of the car’s most important yet overlooked parts. With a properly functioning tyre, it is possible to keep the car performing as per its ability. The type of tyre differs depending on the model of the car. Getting your tyres serviced frequently would be best to avoid mishaps or unfortunate road accidents. Although they play a crucial role in keeping the car safe on the road, there have been a few things that could be improved about car tyres lately. If you’re concerned about the safety of your car tyre and want to take proper care of the same, then here are a few myths that should be busted immediately.

What are the myths about car tyre service?

New tyres should be fitted to the front of the car

Car owners think fitting the new tyres at the front of the car will make the car safer. However, it is the other way around. If you install the new tyres on the vehicle’s rear end, you can ensure better safety. When the new tyres are installed at the front axle, they provide less hydroplane resistance and make the vehicle susceptible to oversteering. Oversteering is a situation that can’t be controlled easily. Hence remember always to install the new ones at the rear end and make your journey safer.

New tyres don’t wear out

Damage is an unavoidable part of every tyre. However, while installing a new tyre, it crosses the mind of many car owners that new tyres will only degrade for a while. This is certainly not a fact. If you drive for a huge number of miles with your new tyre, the tread on the tyre begins to get damaged. Moreover, the tyre’s ageing also depends on the amount of exposure to sunlight, rain, snow and heat.

Excessive pumping of air can make tyre burst

Air pumping has no relation with the bursting of the tyres. This is a fact that needs to be accepted and acknowledged by all car owners. Hence there’s no chance of accidental burst  if the tyres have been loaded with excess air pressure during pumping of the air. However, while inflating, be careful because excessive inflating can cause serious damage, especially to the new set of tyres.

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