Tyres are often the most neglected among all the vehicle parts. It’s important to take care of it for the safety of you and your closed ones. Tyres also begin to wear out with regular vehicle use and need attention. You must avail of professional tyres services for regular maintenance. Here are some signs indicating the replacement of the tyres. 

Factors to Determine Whether Your Car’s Tyres Needs to be Changed

Check Tread Depth

You can easily examine the tread depth of the tyres. The tread wear indicator is given on the tyre of most car tyre brands, allowing one to check the remaining tread depth. If tread depth is less, you must change it immediately with the new ones, as it may disturb the vehicle’s handling.

Wheel Alignment and Balancing

 A professional garage expert can inspect the wheel alignment and balancing. But if you still cannot drive your vehicle in a straight line, maybe it’s time to replace the tyres. It can also signify a problem with the axle. 

Tyre Grip

 Several factors like tyre tread pattern, type of rubber compound, and proper steering linkage affect the tyre surface grip. Get all of them checked by a trusted mechanic, and if it’s all good, change your tyre.

Frequent Punctures

 There are more chances of a tyre puncturing with a worn tyre. The rubber tread tends to get exhausted with regular use, which allows easy ingress of pointed objects like metal wires, nails, and broken glass to puncture your tyre. 

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