Tractors are highly used vehicles for agriculture with powerful engines and large tyres. They are robust and need the constant support of those giant tyres to perform their usual tough jobs on farms. These tyres are typically designed to offer extreme effort on the field to manage these heavy vehicles and let them move easily as per the driver’s requirements. Often tractor tyres are also known as agricultural tyres because of the type of works they are used.

Top Function of Agricultural Tyres

  • These tyres are designed to support the tractor as well as adjoining loads at the low level of the ground pressure.
  • They are ready to absorb shock loads and provide support to the vehicle against minor surface irregularities.
  • These tyres are designed for providing flawless directional stability to the vehicle.
  • The tractor will also receive support for traction and braking.
    They are useful in resisting the abrasive action of lands where you wish to use them.

When Should a Worn Tractor Tyre Be Replaced?

1. Just like your car’s tyres, tractor tyres also give you signs regarding the right replacement time. Every tyre manufacturer mentions the maximum lifespan of their products for the users. They say it in the tyre manual book so that users can understand when they should change a tyre to keep the vehicle’s functionality intact and safe.

2. However, some tractor owners ignore the advice of manufacturers and wait until the tyre becomes entirely out of use. This can be a cheaper option for tyre replacement; also, it increases the risks of having accidents.

3. Typically, tractor drivers feel if the tyres are worn when they drive  the vehicle on fields. The increase of the slip ratio is an effective indicator for the drivers. If it goes over 30%, you should consider changing the tyres immediately.

4. Measuring the height of the lugs on the treat is another easy and popular technique to understand if the tyre needs to be replaced or not. If the studs lost 60% of their usual height, it is time to change it.

Take Expert’s Opinion

It is always better to ask your tractor mechanic and take his suggestion regarding changing the tyres of the vehicle. They will inspect closely at the time of regular servicing and determine if they need to be replaced with new ones.

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