Tyres are the legs of your car. A good tyre is responsible for maintaining balance, alignment and stability on the road. Hence, if you want to avoid accidents, you need to keep your tyres in good working condition. If you see any leaks or disbalance in the tyres, take your car immediately to the mechanic. However, when you go for replacing tyres in Colchester, you’ll find a mechanic suggesting to replace the same in pair!

This creates doubt in the minds of many. According to the mechanics, replacing both tyres running on the same axle will give you a better balance.

Replace Tyres in Pairs – Know The Reasons Behind Them

1. Car Imbalance

When two tyres are running on the same axle, and one gets punctured, you need to change both of them. In the majority of cases, you’ll notice people changing the punctured tyre only. However, since both the tyres are on the same axle, this can cause an imbalance in the car.

2. Wheel Misalignment

Performing this activity can potentially lead to causing wheel misalignment. Moreover, if you have installed two different tyres, then the ages of the tyres will also vary. Thus, in the long run, this can cause excessive tyre wear. Moreover, the brands of the tyres also change, which doesn’t make them weather resistant at all times.

3. Reduction Inefficiency

Let’s say two of your tyres have punctured over time, and you’ve changed them. However, the other two remain fit and fine. Now your car has 4 tyres of different ages and features. The stiffness, rolling and resistance of tyres are different. Hence, the efficiency of the car may get reduced with time.

4. Problems in Emergencies

If you don’t replace both tyres of the same axel together, then there’s a high chance that the resistance power of the tyres gets reduced. This will be life-threatening as you may fail to put an emergency brake on the same. In short, this improves the control and safety of the car.

5. Economically Effective

Although initially, it may seem expensive to replace both tyres together, when you install two new tyres together, the chances of getting punctures are reduced. This is a one-time investment, and in the long run, you’ll get benefits and optimal performance from your car. Hence, if you think smartly, this is certainly an economically feasible option.

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